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The Tokyo Cowboys is a new electro-garage rock band from Tokyo. Billy Cowboy plays guitar, and Dada Cowboy does everything else. We've loved rock music since we were kids, but our stance on it has changed with age. We don't scream at rock anymore, we don't pogo dance or headbang. One day, we realized that there is not much rock music out there that we like. Some of it is too old, some of it is too loud. The rock music that young people listen to doesn't sound like music to us. So we decided to play our favorite rock music ourselves. No need for vocals or lyrics. No need for fancy guitar solos either. We don't even need a fierce groove. Of course we wanted songs that we could dance to. But we don't need to dance as hard as pole dancers. Just a little swaying of the hips is just right. That's how our first album, "Tokyo Cowboy Disco," came to be.

"THE TOKYO COWBOYS" is registered as a trademark with the Japan Patent Office as an artist engaged in musical activities (live performances, distribution of songs, sales of songs, etc.) in Japan.


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