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KOTA is best known for his work as bassist for Christian Death in the 1980s; after leaving the band in 1989, KOTA disappeared completely and nobody knew where he was or what he was doing. There were rumours that he was involved in anti-government activities in China, but KOTA himself later denied these rumours. Meanwhile, it is no secret that Christian Death has remained active after KOTA's departure and is now a legend in the gothic and darkwave music scene.In 2019, Christian Death embarked on a UK/EU tour called "Behind the Veil", the first stage of which was In Leeds, UK, KOTA suddenly appeared without warning - the first time KOTA had appeared in public in 30 years. KOTA DJ'd and agitated on stage in 18 cities during the month-long tour. The itinerary included the Wave Gotik Treffen festival, the world's largest celebration of the gothic music scene. After this tour, KOTA disappeared again, but in May 2022 he suddenly reappeared again, as an agitator for Christian Death at the Cruel World Festival (Rose-bowl stadium L.A.). Although he appeared for only two days, the Californian audience was thrilled. *Cruel World Festival was a huge success, with P.I.L, Blondie, Morrissey, The Damned and others performing. The festival has continued to expand in size since then, setting the trajectory for a new legendary festival. In May 2024 KOTA showed up in Leipzig, Germany, to DJ at Wave Gotik Treffen, the world's largest dark music festival. KOTA also appeared as a guest on stage with Christian Death at the same festival, where he played bass.


As you know, KOTA is rarely seen in public, but in recent years he has continued to make and release new tracks at a fairly rapid pace. Some of them can be heard on this website.

KOTA®︎ is registered as a trademark with the Japan Patent Office as an artist engaged in musical activities (live performances, distribution of songs, sales of songs, etc.) in Japan.

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