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KOTA is known for his time as a bass player in Christian Death in the 80's. After leaving the band in 1989, Kota completely disappeared and no one knew where he was or what he was doing. There were rumors that he was involved in anti-government activities in China, but KOTA himself later denied the rumors. On the other hand, we all know that Christian Death has been active since KOTA's departure and is now a legend in the gothic and dark wave music scene. In 2019, Christian Death embarked on a UK/EU tour called "Behind the Veil", and on their first stage in Leeds, England, KOTA suddenly appeared without warning. It was the first time in 30 years that KOTA had appeared in public. KOTA was the DJ and agitator on stage in 18 cities during the one month tour. The itinerary included the Wave Gothic Treffen Festival, the world's largest festival of the Gothic music scene. It was recorded that KOTA was the first "DJ" to take the main stage at this festival. After the Rotterdam show, no one has seen Kota since. This time, however, KOTA had not completely disappeared. KOTA has been confirmed to be based in Tokyo, where KOTA works hard every day to make new tracks. His touring plans as an agitator for "Christian Death 2020 U.S.A Tour" were all cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, But in May 2022, KOTA finally showed up and performed at the Cruel World Festival (Rose-bowl stadium L.A)  an agitator for Christian Death. Although it was only a two-days appearance, the California audience gave Kota a warm welcome. Since Cruel World, KOTA has not been seen in public, but he has not been away from music. KOTA has his sights set on dark, psychedelic bass music and devotes himself to making tracks on a daily basis. Some of his tracks have KOTA's name credited as bass player. It is possible that KOTA will return to the stage as an agitator, DJ, or bass player in the near future.

KOTA®︎ is registered as a trademark with the Japan Patent Office as an artist engaged in musical activities (live performances, distribution of songs, sales of songs, etc.) in Japan.

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